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Kids Court

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The Judges

RES Kid Court

Kid Court is a program at Riverview Elementary School.  To restore order and help the under-eleven crowd resist the temptation to misbehave on the playground, RES has instituted a peer court to deal with playground rule offenses. 


Since RES believes that students have the right to have fun on the playground, as well as the right to feel safe, RES will instruct all students about the rights and privileges in using the playground.  All students, teachers and parents/guardians will be asked to sign a Playground Sportsmanship Contract.  Here are the student expectations which comprise the contract:


Playground Rules:

  1. Please keep our playground clean.
  2. Keep hands, feet and other body parts to yourself.
  3. Please remember rocks and snow stay on the ground.
  4. Only 3 students in the bathroom at a time.
  5. Do not tease, harass, bully, put down others or use foul language.
  6. Line up as soon as the bell rings.
  7. Stay out of the ditch.



  1. You must always be sitting on your bottom.
  2. Two hands at all times.
  3. Do not jump off the swings.
  4. No underdog pushing or running through while someone is swinging.
  5. Do not roll up the swings to make them higher.
  6. Swing forward and backward only.


Monster Equipment:

  1. One person on the slide at a time.
  2. You must sit on your bottom and face forward on the slide.
  3. No jumping off equipment.
  4. No playing tag or chasing on or around the equipment.


The contract further indicates that if the student is not successful in maintaining these expectations, Mr. Greenburg may refer the student to Kid Court and the student may need to go to the Focus Room during lunch recess until they have had their “day in court.” 


A Day in Court

Two times per week during lunch recess, three student judges and a student bailiff, assemble in the office to sit in judgment of the student’s violations and dispense their verdict.  Judges are selected from fifth grade students who have completed the application process, been selected as a judge and received training.  The judges are rotated through court dates. 


The Verdict

The verdict and consequence are agreed upon by the judges and this process is supervised by the school counselor.

Kid Court Judge Job Description & Selection Criteria

  • Be a responsible citizen of RES by following all school and classroom rules.
  • Help determine appropriate and fair consequences for students who break playground rules. 
  • Attend court twice a week for 1 hour.
  • Serve a 3 week commitment to the court, minimum.
  • Help students make better choices in the future.
  • Make up any work that was missed while out of class.
  • Have no office referrals or refocuses.
  • No D’s or F’s on report cards.
  • Take responsibility seriously.
  • Keep Kid Court information confidential by not discussing anything that happens with other students.
  • Maintain a good playground record.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation.                
  • Kid Court judges have very high behavior expectations and can be dismissed as a judge if behavior expectations are not followed.
  •  Kid Court judges are expected to make their best attempt to be fair by not allowing their feelings for the student appearing before them in Kid Court to influence their decision positively or negatively.
  •  If Kid Court judges determine they cannot make a fair judgment, then they will remove themselves from the case.

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1st Quarter Awards

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2nd and 3rd A&B Honor Roll.

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4th 5th and 6th A&B Honor Roll.

4th 5th and 6th Honor Roll.

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