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By  Barbara Harris


BOARD POLICY ___________________________________________________________JC

Medication in Schools


Lyon County School District prohibits the administration of any medication to students in grades

Pre-kindergarten through 6, prescriptive or non-prescriptive, without written permission of the

physician, parent/guardian, and the registered or licensed practical nurse employed by LCSD.

Non-prescriptive medications include, but are not limited to, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen,

cough syrup, and other medicinal health aides available for purchase over the counter without


age or identification requirements. Students in grades 7-12 are permitted to carry and self-

administer over-the-counter medications according to the dosage recommendations.


Pursuant to SB 453, Lyon County School District will provide undesignated auto-injectible

epinephrine to any student on an LCSD campus during regular school hours who the school

nurse or trained/qualified employee reasonably believes is experiencing anaphalaxis.

Undesignated epinephrine will be administered according to the standing order obtained


Students may carry and/or self-adminster asthma inhalers, insulin, glucagon and Epi Pens with a

completed “consent and request for medication during the school day” where both Authorized

Medical or Health Care Provider and parent/guardian have in writing stated the student may

carry and self-adminster.

District administration shall establish administrative regulations, which comply with the Nevada

Nurse Practice Act NRS 632, NAC 632, governing the request for and administration of

medications and medicines by District personnel. Requirements contained in these regulations

shall provide for the health, safety, and well-being of all students, and shall relieve the Lyon

County School District, its Board of Trustees, and all agents and employees of the District from

any liability for the administration of any requested medication authorized by a licensed

prescriber (NRS Chapters 453, 454, or 639) or from students in grades 7-12 self-administering.


Reference: NRS 632, NAC 632, NRS 453, 454, 639, and SB 453


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