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What is PBIS?
What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS is a schoolwide system of support with strategies that define, teach, and support appropriate behaviors that create a positive school environment. The PBIS framework being implemented at RES will encourage good behavior by redirecting undesirable behavior. Students will learn about behavior just like they do math and science. Please find the Matrix for our school below, we will be teaching all of our students how to be Responsible, Exceptional, and Safe at RES. These teach-to’s will be taught and modeled the first week of school and retaught often. Remember “Respect starts with RES”.

SBAC Infromation 1

9 months ago



pARENT faq


Join SPP or PAC
If you are interested in having input on the School Performance Plan (SPP) or want input at Riverview on the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), please give us a call at 246-6170!

Howie Hawk Booster Page

7 months ago

Riverview staff and parents all appreciate the help we receive from our parents.  If you are interested in being a member of the Howie Hawk Boosters, please stop by their table at events or at one of the meetings.


Parents can pay a $30 until October for entire year or $1 bag if students pay by the week.

Parent volunteers pop the popcorn every Friday morning and deliver the bags to the classrooms for snack time to all students that have signed up for some.

Popcorn forms available at the booster table this Friday.  Delivered to classroom each Friday.  Teachers have an envelope in the classroom to collect the money during the week.  Popcorn delivery starts in September.

Penguin Patch.

Click on the button below to read more information about the Riverview  Penguin Patch.

18-19 Class Supply List

8 months ago

We appreciate any help families can provide us in getting the below supply items for the students.  However, Riverview will provide supplies for any students not able to provide them.  We understand this can be a hardship on families.

pre-k supply list 

What to bring

CLassroom needs

·        Disinfecting wipes

·        Disinfecting spray

·        Large foaming hand soap

Indiviual needs

(labeled with name)

·        Backpack

·        Set of spare clothes

·        Water bottle

·        Lotion

·        Coat

·        Small blanket

·        Lunch box

Optional helps

·        Small white paper plates

·        Pom-poms

·        Googly eyes

·        Large crayons

·        Thick markers

kindergarten's supply list

Please note that due classroom storage and organization many of most ofthe supplies you send will become community supplies within our classrooms.For this reason, please do not label supplies and please follow the guidelinesnoted on the items below:

 Tissues (1 box, 120+ count)

 Baby Wipes (boys only)

 Clorox or Lysol Wipes (girls only)

 Gallon Ziploc Bags (boys only)

 Quart Ziploc Bags (girls only)

 Play Doh (2 cans)

 Glue Sticks (12)

 Pencils, yellow #2 (12+) [no decorative/fancy pencils please]

 Erasers, large pink (2) [not the type that fits on a pencil]

 Crayons (3 boxes, 16 count)

 Felt-tip Pens (4, PaperMate Flair, BLACK)

 Dry erase markers (4, black, wide tip)

 Marble Composition book (2, wide rule, NOT spiral, black & white)

 Pocket folders (2, solid color – NO pictures)

 Headphones (1 set for your child; will not be shared, no earbuds)

 Backpack (full size to fit a folder, lunch, change ofclothing, and other items. NO wheels please)

 Change of clothes in a labeled bag to be kept inbackpack (shirt, pants, socks, underclothes)

SHOPPING TIP:Usually from mid-July through early September, the office supply stores,Walmart, and Target offer great deals on school supplies (including 1¢, 5¢,and 25¢ sales). So, be sure to watch those ads!

 first grade's supply list

*Tissues (2 boxes)

*Gallon Size Ziploc Bags (1 box)

*Glue Sticks (10)

*Pencils, Yellow #2 (no decorative or fancy pencils, please) (12+)

*Crayons (1 box of 16 or 24 count)

*Dry Erase Markers (8 black)

*1-Inch Binder with Clear Front Pocket (1 white only)

*Composition Notebook (1 black and white, wide ruled, not spiral)

*Plastic 3-Prong Folders (1 green, 1 orange, 1 purple)

*Watercolors (1 set)

*Headphones (1 set with child’s name—will not be shared)

*3-Pack of Clorox Wipes

*Backpack-full size, no wheels

Fuller's strategies supply list

Clorox Wipes,


Dry Erase Markers,

Vis-a vis,

Baby Wipes,

Coloring Markers,


Liquid Glue,

Black and Blue pens


Shared Supplies

·         1 Container of disinfecting wipes

·         1 box colored pencils

·         Sanitizer

·         Crayons (1 box)

·         2 boxes of tissue

·         Hand soap

·         8 pack of dry erase markers (or more)

·         Glue sticks

·         Bottle of glue

·         1 pack wide ruled notebook paper

·         Boys- 1 box gallon ziplock

·         Girls- 1 box quart ziplock

Personal Supplies

·         Scissors

·         2- 1 subject spiral notebook

·         Pair of inexpensive headphones

·         2 pink erasers

·         1 pencil pouch

·         1- 1inch 3 ringed binder

·         5- 2 pocket folders (one of each red, blue, green, yellow, black)

·         4 pack of Vis-à-vis Fine tip Pens (or more)

3rd grade's supply list

1 subject spiral notebook

1 24 color box of crayons

1-24 count #2 pencils

1- large pink erasers

4- glue sticks

8 dry erase markers

2 inch binder

2 composition notebooks

1 personal water bottle with closing top

pencil box

3 boxes of tissues


1 bottle of glue

headphones (please label)


·         2 Boxes of pencils, sharpened,  a zipper pouch

·         Colored pencil in zipper pouch

·         Markers

·         5 Glue sticks in zipper pouch

·         Box of tissues

·         Gallon Ziplock bags (girls)

·         Quart Ziplock bags (boys)

·         Scissors, put in zipper pouch

·         6 Dry erase markers and eraser (old stock) in zipper pouch

·         6- 2 pocket folders (one of each red, blue, green, yellow, black and              one of your choice) These need to be hole punched to fit in a                      three ring binder, put in binder

·         3 Composition notebook college ruled (100+ sheets)

·         Ballpoint pens, black or blue only

·         Three hole punched zipper/pencil pouch, put in binder with items             listed

·         Pair of inexpensive headphones or earbuds for computer lab

·         2 Hand held sharpeners in zipper pouch

·         1 USB flash memory drive in zipper pouch

·         1 Spiral notebook, single subject only, college ruled

·         1 Binder, 2 inches and 3 ring (Please have binder set up and ready            before first day of school)

Shopping tip:  Usually from mid-July through early September, the office supply store, Wal-Mart, and Target offer great deals on school supplies (including 1 cent, 5 cent, and 25 cent sales).  So be sure to watch those ads!


·      2 boxes of #2 pencils

·         Colored pencils

·         Highlighters: yellow and pink

·         Dry eraser markers

·         6-two pocket folders (no Brackets): one each: red, purple, yellow, green,                   blue, and orange 3 hole punched

·         Box of tissue (e.g. Kleenex)

·         3 spiral notebooks-single subject

·         Gallon Ziplock bags (girls)

·         Quart Ziplock bags (boys)

·         Cleaning wipes (e.g. Lysol)

·         Scissors

·         Pack of pens

·         Pair of inexpensive headphones or earbuds (to use in computer lab)

·         Small capacity flash memory drive (USB)

·         3-Ring binder (1 ½ inch)

·         Composition book

6th grade supply list

Personal Items for Student

Please have items placed in BINDER prior to first day

*1- two inch binder (zipper preferred)

*Binder pencil pouch- flat with zipper (no pencil boxes)

*1- pack of highlighters (3 different colors)

*1- pack of pens (3 different colors)

*1- pair of scissors

*5 solid color pocket folders (plastic 3-hole punched; used as dividers)

One labeled folder per subject: Reading, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies

*4 composition notebooks (100 sheets, college-ruled, no spirals or wide-ruled)

3 books for Language, 1 book for Math

*Personal flash drive- 2 GB minimum

*2- Personal pencil sharpeners

*Earbuds or headphones (USB connection)

Classroom Supplies – to be used by all students and distributed by teacher

*Pencils, #2 (48 count)

*College ruled lined paper (200 count, 3-hole punched)

*12-glue sticks


*2- boxes of facial tissue (e.g. Kleenex)

*1- sanitary cleaning wipes